I Kind of Expected This

One and a half week ago I rediscovered website RSS-feeds through NetNewsWire, and I wrote about that. I also found out that NetNewsWire could read tweets. Today I had to update that blog entry after the news that free API-access to Tweets will be removed.

After Tweetbot was banned, I stopped reading tweets. It was just too annoying to keep up with them through the website and most sensible people had already moved to Mastodon.

Then I found out that NetNewsWire could read tweet-feeds, which was quite neat. I could keep up with the few things that still were left over there, such as weather and power grid updates and some others who for one reason or other were still there.

Two screenshots from NetNewsWire showing feeds from the power grid corporation about service interrupptions and similar and the Atmospheric, Geophysical and Astronomical Services Administration showing weather information

But I always suspected that would not last for long. And it turns out it didn't.

There are no actual RSS-feeds for these things, there has not been for a long time, so everything was through the API. And now that API will not be available any more, without paying for it.

NetNewsWire has already made the announcement that, due to the removal of the free API, they will be removing the integration in the next update of the app.

So that's it then, my last connection to the the "Blue Birdsite" has been cut. 🙂

This is of course also very bad for all the good bots and services that used the API to post their updates. I do wonder it the power grid and weather updates I was following did it though API or if someone manually copy-pasted them in the Web interface?