New Job

It's been a while since last time I blogged. There have however been a lot of things happening during this time. Or really, one big thing that in turn have brought on a lot of new smaller things. The big thing is, I have a new job! 😄

I did briefly write about it on Mastodon after my first day, but here it is again: I am now a systems developer/manager and basically "senior" person on the IT-team (being by far the oldest and most experienced) of a medium sized company.

It's actually quite surprising to me how quickly this all happened.

Sometimes I can't believe this is all really happening
Sometimes I can't believe that I'm really sitting here
Sometimes I tell myself, this is not my beautiful stapler
Sometimes I tell myself, this is not my beautiful chair

I heard that the company was looking to hire from a friend who works there, in a different department. I have for many years been self employed, running my own IT-consultancy company, but as the years have gone by I had been thinking more and more that it would be nice with the stability of actually being employed.

So I put together my Curriculum Vitae and personal letter of application and e-mailed it on Friday evening. The following Monday I got a call asking if I could come in for an interview on Tuesday afternoon. Then on Wednesday I got another call asking how soon I could start working. The very next Monday was my first day.

I have now completed two weeks. I basically had to hit the ground running on my first day, and has been going non-stop since. It's challenging and somewhat exhausting having to learn the systems and code-base while at the same time solving actual issues, but it also feels really good when I do manage to solve things, and every day I learn more and more making everything feel better.

I also really like my co-worker, he's been great to me and I enjoy working with him.

Anyway, that's about all I will say about this all right now.

Rest assured though that I still have my own company, and I will keep supporting all my old projects and customers on my time off from the new work. It's even in my contract that I may keep doing this.

I will also continue being chairman of the board on the housing association where I live, and keep doing all the accounting for it.

Of course, working 8 to 5 at the office every day does not give me as much free time as before, especially when the above is added to it, but once I get more used to it all and get into new routines I will most likely make some time for a few fun personal projects and the odd blog post every now and then.

1. Lyrics from "Dog Eat Dog" by "Weird Al" Yankovic – 1986