Dreams are Weird

When I woke up this morning I was dreaming. This is of course completely normal and nothing to be alarmed about. It was a rather interesting and weird dream, many of them are. At least I think many of them are.

The problem with dreams is that they go away so quickly. They erode away by the waves of consciousness sweeping over the brain as I wake up. In the end I don't know wether I actually had the dream I thought I had or if I just dreamed that I dreamt it. Was it really happening? Or is my brain just fabricating a blurry memory of the dream so it won't actually have to had made upp all the little details? Maybe dreams don't even exists in the form I imagine they do?

Anyway, in this particular case, the dream was weird enough that I thought I should write down a few words about it to help me recall it into my conscious mind later. Therefore I grabbed my phone and jotted down four or five keywords.

Me being me, I then fell asleep again for an hour or so. The dream did not return. At least as far as I am aware. Of course, I can't be sure really.

Coming back to life again later, I have the memory that I had the dream. I'm quite sure I had it. It was weird and interesting, and the main thing about it was something about lithium polymer batteries actually being cake. There were other more important points to it, but they have been lost to me.

But I wrote it down, right? I had a distinct memory of thinking that I would write it down. Didn't I?

As it turns out, I didn't. I'm pretty sure I was actually awake thinking I would write it down, but it is entirely possible I fell asleep again shortly after thinking that. My brain stored away a few conscious thoughts I had had about the dream and the thoughts of writing it down, and then proceeded to let me dream that I actually wrote it.

Anyway, lithium batteries are now cake.